Each 3 second puff of the vape pen is about 1.5mg - 2mg. This is the perfect way to dose on your own. Try a few doses or try a few more. With the use of micro-dosing, you are in control.


Great company and products. My orders were received quicker than I expected. I was having trouble sleeping and this seems to be what I was needing!

Susan J.

I’ll be back! I bought the Gummies to help me sleep and they worked great. Been awhile since I’ve slept this well.

Kelly C.

Totally reliable and not going through anyone else..

Scott D.

I talked with the owners of Lilac cbd for a while about their product line and competitive niche. They are hands down the most knowledgeable people about their products and market. I will definitely be buying all my future cbd products from Lilac!

Chris S.

I get the hand lotion for my RA and it gives me a lot of relief to get through the day. Glad CBD is now available online.

Sharon C.